Investable Launchpad

The Investable Launchpad is designed for people looking for a fundraising training program that goes into subject matter around becoming investable and creating an investable business.

The biggest problem entrepreneurs and small businesses face today is funding for their idea, invention or business.

Based on many obsolete models for fundraising and many people's relationship to money and wealth, people stay stuck in states of fear, embarrassment, guilt and confusion and a belief that fundraising is impossible.

Each entrepreneur and business owner has the possibility of securing funding for their idea, invention or business far beyond their current beliefs.

What the ecosystem needs more of now are motivated individuals empowered with the knowledge and skills to fundraise. It needs people who are not just interested in taking money, but building investable ventures that create value.

Entrepreneurs need funding solutions. They need access to capital. They need to find people and resources who understand their story and are willing to make the investment into them, into their business.

Fundraising is critically important to entrepreneurial success, but this is not something we're taught how to do anywhere in conventional school or most careers we are in.

With the Investable Launchpad, you finally have a roadmap for hacking fundraising, attracting mentors and manifesting investors based on your ultimate potential as the leader the ecosystem needs you to be. But what makes this unique are the TOOLS and METHODS by which you learn to do this.

One of the Best eLearning Platform Systems

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