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WHAT IS Be Investable?

Be Investable is a place for entrepreneurs to go and receive the attention, programming and systems needed to grow themselves, their business and ultimately obtain funding.

If you are reading this, we consider you are a like-minded entrepreneur who wants to be successful. You are not alone.

People from all over the world are utilizing our enjoying our content, participating in our curriculum and utilizing our daily conditioning systems, and by doing so, experiencing the success they desire personally and professional. Be Investable will assist you in focusing on the mindset necessary to build a team, develop strategies and produce successful results.

Be Investable - Empowering the Entrepreneurial Eco-System

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Collaborate. Educate. Inspire.

Be Investable is a community of entrepreneurs who believe that personal and professional development is the key to being a successful entrepreneur.

Our Community Series programs enable you, the entrepreneur, to get inspired and encouraged by other members worldwide who are just as concerned about making the most of their the entrepreneurial journey! Join thousands of members all over the world who have already embraced success as an entrepreneur. We believe that empowering the Entrepreneurial Eco-System is growing and improving through educating, inspiring and creating collaboration with entrepreneurs.

Daily Success Program

This is our core program, currently free to all members

What It Is

  • Daily community support and value
  • Positive daily focus in key business areas
  • Thought provoking and time saving
  • Uplifting support from all over the world
  • Daily motivation and business accountability
  • A community for all types of entrepreneurs
  • An opportunity to feed your best self
  • Simple and relevant to your life and day

What It Is Not

  • A program requiring payment
  • The same old daily focus
  • Time consuming
  • A place for evaluation or judgement
  • A gossip portal for negativity
  • Catered to one way of thinking or one philosophy
  • A place to focus on what you don't want or don't like
  • Complicated or overwhelming

All Be Investable members have access to this program simply by joining.

30 Day Entrepreneurs Training

30 Day Entrepreneurs Training

A 30 Day behavioral course

What would it be like if you or your entrepreneurial organization suddenly had the ability to stay focused and build habits to create success? How would that change your business, your career, your life? Creating focus, and building habits is the foundation to creating a growth culture to create success can be challenging, but it's not impossible, especially if you know the secrets for breaking through.


Focus. Leverage. Massive Accountability.

For over two decades thousands of individuals all over the world have gone through the life impacting 45 Day Challenge®

As human beings we are creatures of habit. We tend to do the same things over and over; we like to be in our comfort zones avoiding the uncertainty that comes with change. Studies show that it takes 21-40 days to break or build a habit.

Why is it called the challenge? This series challenges you on a few levels. You are challenged to consider what you believe about your potential, your desires and your future. You will be challenged as you proactively move through the resistance phase of performance, uncovering barriers and gaps between your current habits and your desired results.

The 45 day proven process supports you in taking small daily actions toward who you want to be and where you want to go. If you commit and follow through, for 45 days, you will build new habits that support you in every area of your life.


45 Day Challenge® Entrepreneur

This program is built around creating consistent habits and stay focused on your entrepreneurial vision. We'll explore what it means to be internally motivated and lead yourself before effectively leading and influencing others around you and your business.

Helping to see yourself as a successful entrepreneur personally and professionally you will learn how to be more outcome focused and build successful habits around business knowledge, business strategy, business development and mindset for the entrepreneurial journey.

What Challenge graduates have said...

  • ...the best investment of my money, time, energy and effort
  • ...challenged limitations I didn't know I had and created new perspective that freed me
  • ...connected me to amazing people who inspired and supported me
  • ...taught me how to utilize the power of focus and imagination
  • ...got rid of my stubborn patterns that were holding me back from my goals for years
  • ...learned how to love and appreciate myself more and how to be grateful every day
  • ...my Advisor knew just how to hold me accountable, and some days I needed a kick in the butt
  • ...I couldn't wait to watch the next coaching video every week

What Challenge advisors have said...

  • Invest 15-30 minutes a day for 45 days and create lasting change in your life
  • This multi-platform, user interface technology is state of the art, easy to use and 100% private
  • You have an incredible support system through team chats, personal shares and compelling stories
  • Your Advisor-led team call will help you integrate your new thoughts, feelings and actions into your day-to-day life
  • You will create inspiring visions with virtual vision boards for key areas of your life
  • Prepares you to step comfortably into the uncertainty of your new identity


Unite. Collaborate. Create.

Once you successfully complete any of our 45 Day Challenge® programs, you will earn an invitation to apply for membership in the most effective coaching system in the world: Entrepreneurs Mastery

Entrepreneurs Mastery

Entrepreneurs Mastery

Entrepreneurs Mastery is a unique program designed to ensure you consistently move from intention to action in every area of your life, turning your visions and goals into reality. Entrepreneurs Mastery uses cutting edge knowledge and web-based technology to help you stay focused and take consistent actions towards your visions.

The foundation of Entrepreneurs Mastery is intelligent accountability created from your Entrepreneurs Mastery Advisor, your focused daily activities, accountability points and your Entrepreneurs Mastery team - people like you, who have made it through a 45 Day Challenge and are committed to their new identity. Just like a healthy and balanced diet, Entrepreneurs Mastery offers the highest level of mental, emotional, behavioral nutrition to create and maintain a healthy and productive identity in the key categories of life.


Be Investable Team

A group of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals committed to the empowerment of entrepreneurs.


Our mentors each provide a critical level of understanding in the various subject matters necessary to provide support and guidance to you in the development of yourself and your business.


Our advisors have taken part of various aspects of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and bring their knowledge and wisdom to our curriculum and supporting the eco-system.

The same reconditioning systems offered in Be Investable have helped several billion-dollar organizations redefine themselves culturally with the beliefs and habits to thrive in any change.

Individuals in these organizations were able to take this psychology home to their families, double their income and transform through some of the most challenging personal situations. With the growing demand for more entrepreneurial offerings, we launched Be Investable and made it our mission to bring the same psychology and life-changing system to the world.

Unlike other motivational and personal development communities, Be Investable offers programs that support lasting change by reconditioning how you define yourself both consciously and unconsciously.

The strongest force in human nature is to stay consistent with the identity you hold of yourself. Your identity has been shaped over time by your environment, modeling others, conditioning and significant emotional events. Your beliefs and how you perceive everything has been unconsciously wired within your operating nervous system, how you automatically respond or react to any situation whether positive or negative. And your beliefs and perceptions are challenged or strengthened in situations every single day.

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6 Steps to Lasting Change, Starting Now Not Someday

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Rod Hairston is the creator of the 45 Day Challenge Series and recognized around the world as a leader in helping people create lasting change in their lives through daily conditioning programs.

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Be Investable was created by entrepreneurs to empower other entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneur starts with the right mindset and beliefs.

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